• SPS series_Price Computing Scale

SPS series_Price Computing Scale

Brand : BM Series
Model SPS
Capacity 6kg x 1g, 10kg x 5g, 15kg x 5g, 25kg x 5g, 30kg x 5g
Pan Size (mm) 230 x 330 mm
Power Source 3 pieces size C Drycells
Environment 0°C ~ 40° C (32°F ~ 104°F) R.H. <85%
Net Weight 3.8kg


• Used only 3 pieces of size C Drycell
• Low consumption of battery power
• Battery life can last for 12 months
• 5 preset unit price memories
• Back light Display on operator side
• Weighing item & non-weighing item
price accumulation
• When accumulation forward & backward
price checking

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