• SHC series_High Precision Counting Scale

SHC series_High Precision Counting Scale

Brand : UWE
Model SHC-3C, SHC-6C, SHC-12C, SHC-30C
Capacity 3000g, 6000g, 12kg, 30kg
Division 0.05g. 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.5g
Resolution 1/60000
Platter Size (mm) 180 x 292mm, 230 x 345mm
Power Source By Built-in Rechargeable Battery or AC/DC Power Adaptor
Max. Zero Range 2% of Rated capacity
Max. Tare Range 100% of Rated capacity (Subtractive)
Operation Environment 0°C ~ 40°C (32°F ~ 104°F), Non-condensed. R.H. < 85%
Net Weight 4.5 kg



• 24 bIT Σ-Δ High Speed A/D Converter with 1,000,000

Internal Count

• 1/60000 ~ 1/75000 Overall Triple Intervals Display

Resolution for SAC and 1/30000 Single Interval for SHC

• Design to Meet Industrial High Precision Counting


• Equipped with Power-on Zero Tracking, Digital Motion

Filter at Zero & Weighing, Smart Power Saving,

Full Tare Range, Auto Piece Weight Enhancement,

Auto Calibration and Accumulation Function

for Weight and Quantity

• Completed with Full Numeric Keypad, Over Weight &

Quantity Alarm, 8 x One-Touch Piece Weight Memory (PLU),

Insufficient Unit Piece Weight & Sample Size Warning

and Charging Status Indicator

• Bold Type Wide Angle LCD Display Digits

• Low Battery Warning Signal

• Long Battery Operating Time: 100 Hours Plus

• Dual Power Sources: By Built-in Rechargeable

Battery or Power Adaptor

• Adjustable Feet, Backlight, Bubble Level

and Power Adaptor Included

RS 232C or Printer Interface

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