Push-Pull (Compression-Tensile) Measuring Use.
2 sets of Load Cell Sensor with individual capacity.
-32mV ~ +32mV load Cell Input Voltage.
Fully Digital Calibration.

• BDI-2008 connected to 2 sets of load cell sensors with two separate capacity and calibration (SRAM will store two set of parameter).
• 1/10,000 display resolution, A/D conversion rate 120 times/sec.
• 5 testing modes for test: Manual Hold, Hold positive peak, Hold negative peak, Hold both positive and negative peak and Burn-in test.
• “Watchdog” virtually eliminates malfunctions that associated with computerized equipment or software failure
• Full digital Calibration makes setting ZERO and SPAN Calibration an easy task.
• Drives up to 8 (350Ω) parallel connecting load cells or a scale structure of 2 sets of load cells [ each set with 4 (350Ω) load cells].
• 8k bytes SRAM with Li-battery backup. Information will not disappear even power failure.
• The settings of function and weighing parameters are all stored in the EEPROM, with storage duration over 40 years.
• Important values and parameters can have storage backup.
• Users can adjust the intensity of digits filter to avoid mechanical vibration that caused by external environments to achieve high-speed and accurate measurement.
• Control Inputs: ZERO Input, START/STOP, select P1/P2 and Print.
• Control Outputs: ZERO band output, HI output, LO output, FR output, RUN output and ERROR.
• Standard Serial Output (20mA Current Lop) for remote display.
• Optional printer interface can automatically print or output data includes date and time.