• Display resolution: 10,000e (OIML) or 1000,000d (non-OIML)
• 1/12,000 high external resolution
• ± 2,000,000 internal counts
• User friendly setup, calibration and operation procedures, decimal position, zero range, zero tracking range, UTP printer transmission
• User programmable computer and printer output transmission mode and data formats

– Maximum number of load cells connected = 8 x 350Ω
– Metric kilogram, pound and gram weight unit
– Dual power source: by built-in rechargeable battery or power adaptor
– Low battery and charge status indicators
– Dual range/internal, weight recall function
– 8 adjustable digital filter speed

• Display resolution: 10,000e (OIML) or 1000,000d (non-OIML)
• A/D conversion rate: 10 times/second
• Display Speed: 10 times/second
• Span Adjustment: 0.1mV/V to 3mV/V full scale
• Zero Drift: <0.3μ V/°C (TYP)
• Span Drift: 8ppm/°C (YTP)
• Non-Linearity: <0.0033% R.O.
• Power supply: By built-in Rechargeable Battery and AC/DC Power Adaptor
• Load Cell excitation: 5 volts for up to 8 x 350Ω load cell
• Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ +40°C
• Operating Relative Humidity:<90% non condensing

• JB-65 junction box maximum load cell channel=8
• UWE OP-5L remote display
• Backlight
• RS-232 interface