• Breakthrough High Display Resolution HDR
• Batching Control (Feeding & Loss-in-weight)
• 120 Times/Sec A/D Conversion RateΣ-Δ
• Fully Digital Calibration FDC
• LED Screen Shows: Code, Final Weight, SPI Value (SP2,Free Fall)/ Count, Accumulation/Gross,Tare, Net Value.
• Finish Weight Check
• Compact Size

• 3 Column of LED shows: Code, Final Weight, Sp1 Value (Sp2, Free Fall)/ Count, Accumulation / Gross, Tare, Net Value.
• Easy to input weight values by numeric keys: 0 to 9.
• 1/16,000 display resolution (Max. 1/60,000 depending on load cell quality & Performance).
• Internal Resolution 1,000,000, A/D Conversion rate 120 times/ Sec.
• Watchdog virtually eliminates malfunctions that associated with computerized equipment or software failure.
• Full Digital Calibration makes setting ZERO and SPAN Calibration an easy task.
• Drives up to 8 parallel connecting load cells. (350Ω)
• 8k bytes SRAM with Li-battery backup. Information will not disappear even power failure.
• The settings of function and weighing parameters are all stored in the EEPROM, with storage duration over 40 years.
• Important values and parameters can have storage backup.
• Users can adjust the intensity of digits filter to avoid mechanical vibration that caused by external environments to achieve high-speed and accurate measurement.
• Set point codes can store up to 100 sets of: Final, SP1, SP2, Free Fall, HI, LO.
• Automatic Free Fall Compensation provides closer tolerance and precise weighing.
• 8 Set of control Input: 1 ZERO Input, 2 TARE Input, 3 TARE reset, 4 Start batch, 5 Abort batch, 6 Print Accumulator, 7 Print Input, 8 Clear ACC. & COUNT.
• 8 Set of control output: 1 ZERO Band output, 2 Sp1 output, 3 Sp2 output, 4 (Final-Free Fall) output, 5 HI output, 6 LO output, 7 Final output, 8 MD/Error output.
• 5 batching modes: 1 Customer Programmed Control Mode: Normal Batching, 2 Customer Programmed Control
Mode: Loss-in-weight batching, 3 Built-in Automatic Program Mode: Normal Batching, 4 Built-in Automatic Program
Mode: Loss-in-weight batching, 5 Multiple-Ingredient batching.
• Standard Series Output (20mA Current Loop) for remote display.
• Optional printer interface can automatically print or output data includes date, time, set point code, serial number, weight and unit.