Performance Plus
High Speed – High Accuracy – Full Safe Operation

• 100 times/sec. High Speed Sampling
• High display resolution to 16,000 counts
• Up to 1 million counts of A/D resolution
• Monitor & Control weighing and batching with external or internal resolution
• Fuzzy and Automation Free Fall Compensation (AFFC) for consistently accurate batching result
• Enter control set point through front keys or remotely through external thumbwheels
• Automatic weight and/ or count accumulation
• Sub display provides feedback on all setpoints & simplifies calibration
• Supplementary flow function assures accurate performance on each batch
• A host of communications capabilities: RS-232C, RS-422/485, BCD, analog output and standard 4-20mA Current Loop
• Connect up to 10 AD-4401’s with A&D’s RS-422/485
• Compact DIN size housing speeds installation & reduces space
• Digital Span Calibration enhances technical support and difficult Installations
• Splash proof front panel and keys (IP-65)
• High sensitivity 0.3µV/d for more accurate measurements
• Automatic batching and customer programming capability
• Bright, clear fluorescent display
• Hold and peak hold functions
• User programmed timer settings and alarms
• Improve operational safety & Performance

• Weigh-in and Loss-in-weight batching

OP-01 – Parallel BCD Output (Open Collector)
OP-03 – Serial Interface RS-422/485
OP-04 – Serial Interface RS-232 C
OP-05 – Setpoint Unit
OP-07 – Analog Output (4~20mA)
Only one can be selected from 01,03 0r 04